Kristina Hedfalk


Telephone: 46 (0)31 786 39 23
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Visiting address: Lundberg laboratory, Medicinaregatan 9 C, room 1208







My research is focused on membrane protein structure, function and regulation. In particular, human aquaporins are recombinantly produced and characterized. These proteins are essentially present in all living cells where they have a crucial role in the osmotic regulation on the cellular or tissue level. Hence, an increased understanding of the molecular mechanism of these proteins is important for finding cures to diseases involving dysfunctional aquaporins. These proteins are recombinantly produced in the methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris to generally very high levels by controlled growth in fermentors which allows subsequent isolation of large amounts of solubilised protein. The production as such has also been in focus of the research in order to understand the limiting factors directing a successful membrane protein production experiment.